Workshops in the Red Living Studio

     Annie Sloan is the woman behind a world wide revolution in painting with her famous Chalk Paint™. A paint designed by an artist with a practical approach and quick, easy results for everybody.  Annie Sloan Workshops are designed by Annie Herself to not only reflect the versatility behind her Paint and Products, but to also celebrate and learn style, design and colour. 

Red Living is proud to be your stockist and educator representing the Original, the one and only Annie Sloan.

Your Instructor: 

As a Stockist of Chalk Paint™, decorative paint by Annie Sloan, and Owner of Red Living, Anthony McCloskey (Tony) has trained with Annie and passionately delivers a well informed and creative hands-on workshop in decorative painting. Educated in Fine Art Painting and with 25 years of experience in all aspects of paint, colour, and styling for home decor, Tony found his passion enlightened by the unlimited possibilities and ease of use of Chalk Paint™ 

 JOIN US! The Workshops below will surely transform your skills and knowledge giving you the freedom to create your next masterpiece.