Wood Plank Tabletop : Techniques with Annie Sloan Paint and Chalk Paint™ Wax

 The possibilities of finishes that you can create with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ all start with the knowledge of playing with the texture of the paint - thinning with water or thickening with air. The excitement grows as you explore these two possibilities when combined with the best tools -  your Annie Sloan brushes. 

This is the foundation of my ever popular in - store Workshop, Chalk Paint 101 Annie Sloan Techniques.  With hands on learning you can master Annie's signature techniques and make them your own, develop a painting style, and then of course taking those rules and breaking them in the spirit of creativity.  

After teaching more than 40 of these workshops over the last 5 years, I always leave the class inspired to try out more of our signature techniques in the many combinations of colour and styles achievable.  And after looking at all of the planks I have painted for demonstration over the years the inspiration to create this finish has been lingering. 

For this TABLE TOP  I was inspired by the combination of paint, colour wash, and coloured waxes to create multi-coloured wood planks.  

Hopefully this is inspiration to take your own knowledge and create - Those of you that have taken my Techniques Workshop will see how this was easily achieved!     

Here is what you need :

Annie Sloan Pure Bristle Brush #8             Annie Sloan Wax Brush Small

Annie Sloan Brush Annie Sloan Wax Brush

             Honfleur       Country Grey       French Linen       Barcelona Orange


Black Chalk Paint™ Wax    White Chalk Paint™ Wax    Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax

Painter's Tape,  and a few hours... 


Oh and I love working from the Annie Sloan Mix Mat as a pallet for Chalk Paint™  ... and water mixing. It is just brilliant.

The entire Table Top is painted in Honfleur first ... 

With painter's tape create your wood plank outlines.

Here I did not measure or plan it out first. Each "board" was designed to be unique so just go for it!  - Crooked is ok! 


to leave a thin line between boards you will have to alternate the tape as you complete one - so here I have skipped ahead to do more than one at a time.

each board explores different techniques and in this case I have waxed with Black Chalk Paint™ Wax first onto the Honfluer and added washes of the above colours over the wax and finished off with some White Chalk Paint™ Wax. 

So Yes  - spoiler alert - You can paint and colour wash over the wax and then wax again. 

So on some "boards"  a wash of Barcelona Orange followed White and Black Chalk Paint™ Wax (oh cedar!)

OR Wax first and then a wash of French Linen followed by a bit or allot of Black Wax (oh barn board!) 

 OR Country Grey Brushed on top of Clear Wax and followed with hints of Black Wax (oh bleached oak!) ..... no two alike. 

Note that your brush-marks create wood grain and catch the wax colours. 

Defiantly a technique you will be seeing more of from Red Living. 

Join me in an upcoming workshop and we can learn and create together exploring the endless possibilities and gorgeous finishes of the one and only, unrivalled, Annie Sloan Paint, Chalk Paint™ 

Chairs And Table Base Painted in Country Grey, Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax, Distressed, and Dark Chalk Paint™ Wax

Hope you are all inspired! 

Creatively Yours, Tony @ Red Living 







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    What did you use on the chairs?

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