New Black and White Chalk Paint™ Wax from Annie Sloan

The endless finishes you can create with Annie Sloan's incredible paint, Chalk Paint™, just got even more endless as we now have 2 new products in store and online, Chalk Paint wax in Black and White!    







 As soon as I saw these 2 products a few months back I could not wait to get my hands on them and start creating new finishing ideas and applying them to all of the colours in the Chalk Paint™ pallet. Coloured waxes add incredible interest to your paint work and grabs into the details of your carved or turned woodwork.  

First up is WHITE Chalk Paint™ Wax :


So beautiful for softening a colour with a haze of chalky white ... so easy to use,  you will be amazed what a professional look this will add to your furniture!

The perfect compliment to Coastal Seaside or soft and pretty Vintage Cottage painted furniture and accessories 

Here I tried it out over Graphite and love the result in the groves and brush marks ... this has sparked many more ideas! 

And below showing off wonderful detail over Louis Blue 

Annie Sloan White Chalk Paint™ Wax on Chair

And About the BLACK ... 

Black Chalk Paint™ Wax is what to use for a weathered charcoal washed feel to your light coloured Chalk Paint™ brushwork and darkens rich and deep Chalk Paint™ colours with edgy sophistication. 

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint™ Wax

Here I started simple with a chair painted in Pure White Chalk Paint™.

TIP: As Below, With Black Wax, always start with a coat of Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax first so that you can blend your Black Wax just were you need it and come back over it with your Clear Waxed up brush to erase or soften the results.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint™ Wax on Pure

and of course Annie Sloan's beautiful Antibes Green with Black Wax sure is a hit in my eyes! 

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint™ Wax on Anitbes Green

So excited to see what you all do with one or both of these waxes to express your style and creativity. .....


Oh and by the way there's more to share here! ...  Annie Sloan's waxes are amazing on raw wood and the potential of White in the grains ...  or a rustic Black wood grain ...Gorgeous!  ...  just had a start on these Mid-Century teak chairs with White Chalk Paint™ Wax. A beautiful Wax to work with and a durable lasting finish.

Come by the shop and see the results .. they are very cool. 

Here to help you Learn and Create 

Join me for Class ! 

Chalk Paint 101 in the Red Living Studio is the full hands on lesson in painting and creating finishes and now includes tips and tricks with the NEW Black and White Chalk Paint™ Waxes!

Creative Regards, Tony @ Red Living

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