Autumn Window 2016

Here at Red Living, a change in season welcomes new colours, patterns .. and of course ideas. From sourcing a few vintage finds to picking up the perfect new textile, it always comes together with Annie Sloan's Brilliant Colour pallet of Chalk Paint™. 

Here is an autumn interior style story in the Red Living window! ...

Colour geeks unite with the introduction of Annie Sloan's new colour, Giverny, we now have strong and vibrant blue.

Here is what Annie Sloan says about Giverny

"Giverny is a bright, cheery, clean, cool blue in the Annie Sloan palette. It is near the greener range of blues, without any red in it. It is a perfect colour for a modern contemporary palette, and looks great with bright, warm colours (such as Barcelona Orange and Scandinavian Pink) and cool neutrals (such as Paloma) as well as greens from the Annie Sloan range. Giverny is named after the village in Northern France where Claude Monet lived and this brilliant blue was especially popular in early 20th Century interiors."

I am so taken by this colour and can't wait to show how you might use it in your homes.  

Giverny is amazing to add that pop of colour to a special piece of furniture in a neutral room, it's is vibrant but still sophisticated and you will see this colour in new decor accessories like the new printed woven pillows seen here.

And I'm so excited to mix this colour into some very special blues and greens and so much more ... oh the endless  Annie Sloan Palette ! 


Here is our first use of Giverny on this antique mahogany parlour table, were showing the adding of Annie Sloan's Black Wax to finish off the table with dimension and interest.

This inspired Graphite on the walls with some pattern and contrast with Annie Sloan's Oak Leaves Stencil ....

 Oak Leaves Stencil in French Linen and Old White on Graphite


Just Love to stencil with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan - It is so effortless, drys so fast and and professional results ! ... anyone can do this.

Autumn is a time to get cosy and warm up our homes, yet in our "Rain Coast Overcast" I think Giverny would make a splash of happy in your home! 

Here to help and inspire - Best of the Season to you - Tony @ Red Living.

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