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Decorate with Coastal Blues June 20 2017

In our window at Red Living Courtenay we are showing several of Annie Sloan's Blues mixed into a room setting.

All the colours of the our ever-changing coastal waters ...


Chateau Grey walls with Provence watercolour wash using Annie Sloan's #60 Flat Brush 

Provence Chalk Paint™ by Annie SloanAnnie Sloan #60 Flat Brush

Napoleonic Blue Antique Trestle Table with Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax

Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint™ By Annie SLoanClear Chalk Paint™ Wax by Annie Sloan



Duck Egg Blue Bench with White Chalk Paint™ Wax

Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint™ by Annie SloanWhite Chalk Paint™ Wax by Annie Sloan


Paint fearlessly with a collection Blues !


Here to inspire creativity in decorating 

xo Tony @ Red Living 




Opening RED LIVING's SECOND LOCATION! November 22 2016 2 Comments

BIG NEWS!   Red Living's SECOND location is OPENING SOON!


We are bringing all the goodies that has made our shop on 5th Street in Downtown Courtenay the place to be over the last 7 years, to the big city of Nanaimo.

Our New LOCATION is On the Boardwalk at 5299 Rutherford Road (formally "The Quilted DucK")

sneak peek :


I am so Excited about the new space, with loads of character, and all the potential to offer our brand of style.

As you know - with repeat visits to Red Living over time and the inspiration unfolds.

We have been very busy indeed with painting, trimming, and fixture building along with dreaming of what the upcoming seasons with bring.  

Red Living Nanaimo will of course be Mid-Vancouver Island's Home of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. Delighted to share our knowledge and painting experiences with many seasoned fans of Annie Sloan Paint and products, and especially excited to introduce new fans to the "Best Paint in the World"  ... and watch here for my painting workshops on the Annie Sloan method in the new Red Living Studio Nanaimo.



 Can't wait to share our beautiful new store. Please follow Red Living on Facebook and Instagram for updates and opening announcements. 

Along with all of this excitement be sure to visit our decked out Holiday Store in Downtown Courtenay. Red Living loves Christmas and this year is filled again with ornament, decoration, local cards, soaps, candles, vintage ornaments and that special gift. 

Hope to see You all soon - I'm off to paint and decorate. Tony @ Red Living

Autumn Window 2016 September 29 2016

Here at Red Living, a change in season welcomes new colours, patterns .. and of course ideas. From sourcing a few vintage finds to picking up the perfect new textile, it always comes together with Annie Sloan's Brilliant Colour pallet of Chalk Paint™. 

Here is an autumn interior style story in the Red Living window! ...

Colour geeks unite with the introduction of Annie Sloan's new colour, Giverny, we now have strong and vibrant blue.

Here is what Annie Sloan says about Giverny

"Giverny is a bright, cheery, clean, cool blue in the Annie Sloan palette. It is near the greener range of blues, without any red in it. It is a perfect colour for a modern contemporary palette, and looks great with bright, warm colours (such as Barcelona Orange and Scandinavian Pink) and cool neutrals (such as Paloma) as well as greens from the Annie Sloan range. Giverny is named after the village in Northern France where Claude Monet lived and this brilliant blue was especially popular in early 20th Century interiors."

I am so taken by this colour and can't wait to show how you might use it in your homes.  

Giverny is amazing to add that pop of colour to a special piece of furniture in a neutral room, it's is vibrant but still sophisticated and you will see this colour in new decor accessories like the new printed woven pillows seen here.

And I'm so excited to mix this colour into some very special blues and greens and so much more ... oh the endless  Annie Sloan Palette ! 


Here is our first use of Giverny on this antique mahogany parlour table, were showing the adding of Annie Sloan's Black Wax to finish off the table with dimension and interest.

This inspired Graphite on the walls with some pattern and contrast with Annie Sloan's Oak Leaves Stencil ....

 Oak Leaves Stencil in French Linen and Old White on Graphite


Just Love to stencil with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan - It is so effortless, drys so fast and and professional results ! ... anyone can do this.

Autumn is a time to get cosy and warm up our homes, yet in our "Rain Coast Overcast" I think Giverny would make a splash of happy in your home! 

Here to help and inspire - Best of the Season to you - Tony @ Red Living.

New Black and White Chalk Paint™ Wax from Annie Sloan June 19 2016

The endless finishes you can create with Annie Sloan's incredible paint, Chalk Paint™, just got even more endless as we now have 2 new products in store and online, Chalk Paint wax in Black and White!    







 As soon as I saw these 2 products a few months back I could not wait to get my hands on them and start creating new finishing ideas and applying them to all of the colours in the Chalk Paint™ pallet. Coloured waxes add incredible interest to your paint work and grabs into the details of your carved or turned woodwork.  

First up is WHITE Chalk Paint™ Wax :


So beautiful for softening a colour with a haze of chalky white ... so easy to use,  you will be amazed what a professional look this will add to your furniture!

The perfect compliment to Coastal Seaside or soft and pretty Vintage Cottage painted furniture and accessories 

Here I tried it out over Graphite and love the result in the groves and brush marks ... this has sparked many more ideas! 

And below showing off wonderful detail over Louis Blue 

Annie Sloan White Chalk Paint™ Wax on Chair

And About the BLACK ... 

Black Chalk Paint™ Wax is what to use for a weathered charcoal washed feel to your light coloured Chalk Paint™ brushwork and darkens rich and deep Chalk Paint™ colours with edgy sophistication. 

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint™ Wax

Here I started simple with a chair painted in Pure White Chalk Paint™.

TIP: As Below, With Black Wax, always start with a coat of Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax first so that you can blend your Black Wax just were you need it and come back over it with your Clear Waxed up brush to erase or soften the results.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint™ Wax on Pure

and of course Annie Sloan's beautiful Antibes Green with Black Wax sure is a hit in my eyes! 

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint™ Wax on Anitbes Green

So excited to see what you all do with one or both of these waxes to express your style and creativity. .....


Oh and by the way there's more to share here! ...  Annie Sloan's waxes are amazing on raw wood and the potential of White in the grains ...  or a rustic Black wood grain ...Gorgeous!  ...  just had a start on these Mid-Century teak chairs with White Chalk Paint™ Wax. A beautiful Wax to work with and a durable lasting finish.

Come by the shop and see the results .. they are very cool. 

Here to help you Learn and Create 

Join me for Class ! 

Chalk Paint 101 in the Red Living Studio is the full hands on lesson in painting and creating finishes and now includes tips and tricks with the NEW Black and White Chalk Paint™ Waxes!

Creative Regards, Tony @ Red Living

Going Coastal with Red Living and Annie Sloan June 08 2015 2 Comments

I have recently been inspired to explore Costal Looks in home decor for a number of reasons, the first and obvious is that we live Coastal Vancouver Island, I love to explore a colour and style story, and then along came some recent influences with my dear thanks to Annie Sloan and son Felix, who explored this style beautifully in Chapter 8 of their newest book Room Recipes for style and Colour. Adding to that is Annie Sloan's new Stencil Collection which includes three patterns (see below) that will help, along with Chalk Paint™ to add this style effortlessly. 

I am also excited to share some NEW LIGHTING that we just got in the store that I think fits sea-side living and offers a unique and flexible rustic look. 

And of course this story is also about colour and I find Costal inspiration in the incredible pallet Annie Sloan has created in her paint, Chalk Paint™.

This is the window display at Red Living drawing on my Costal inspiration.

Red Living Costal Window

I Started with the walls in Pure White (covering over my previous stencil and design) and with a water filled large #16 Annie Sloan Brush I layered a watercolour of Provence - paint like a kid (or an artist) and let it drip - so much fun. (and a bit messy on the windows I saw afterwards - yet clean up's a breeze)

Red Living Costal

 Thinking about the colours and textures in driftwood and coastal rock, the vintage desk is layered with Chalk Paint™ in a rustic finish - leave the paint out a few hours to thicken and you get a textured and weathered finish - I used Graphite (base coat) and Coco adding a dry bush of Pure White and a distress back to show some pine. The wood top has these rustic looking worm holes and I wanted to leave the wood but it was too orange, so a quick wash of Coco and Clear Soft Wax, and it fits my weathered colour story.

Vintage Desk in Chalk Paint™Graphite, Coco, and Pure White Chalk Paint™ with Clear Soft Wax


The new Annie Sloan Stencil Collection comes in 21 different patterns and styles. With Chalk Paint™ I have never had so much fun or be so inspired to use stencils - so many options of finishes and styles and with a fast drying paint it's fast and creative. A little or allot. Soft colours or bold. And on any surface! - ie fabric pillows or dining seats, concrete garden pavers and pots, furniture, floors, ceilings, cabinets and walls.  

Here are the three for a Coastal Themes:  SAND DOLLAR, CORAL, AND FISH

Annie Sloan Stencil - Sand Dollar
I used Coral, my favourite, and becoming a best seller at Red Living. On this mirror frame (below right) I painted Old White "roughly" (slip slap) and stencilled with Coco - fading happens when you continue to stencil without putting more paint on the bush - so easy with Chalk Paint™ - a really light sanding reveals the brush-marks and weathers this pattern to perfection. This colour combination inspired by sea shells.

Annie Sloan Stencils

Vintage Alphabet Stencil Set - Although not Annie Sloan, this is another stencil to share with you that I know will get you creative with words. Signs, borders, monograms and ... learning the A B C's.  Here it is used on Pure White painted plywood with Greek Blue.  ... there are many coastal inspiring words, but here Oyster celebrates our world famous local resource harvested here in the Comox Valley.

 Vintage Letter Stencil at Red Living                          Coastal Inspired Lighting Available at Red Living                                                                   

..... And you may have spotted some intriguing lighting in this shoot that is perfect for a Costal relaxed home. This Rope Cord set is 15" long with a plug and switch on the end. Wrap it around a beam or wall bracket and add light to wherever. You could add a shade or pendant or left with just our new Edison bulbs. A single one or hang multiples in a cluster or row. Creative lighting right? Here I hung a vintage ore on wire and looped the rope around (simple adjustable hight).                     



15' Rope Cord Light Kit and 60w Edison Bulb in store at Red Living.



 This Caged Glass and weathered wood Pendant comes in 2 sizes. Looks great hanging single or many hung at different lengths. Fit for a Sea-Side Fisherman's Cottage. And made extra perfect with the New Edison Bulb.

With Rope and Glass and The Colours of Sand, Wood, Rock, and  Ocean in a Weathered finish - and of course a few great Vintage Finds ...

 Go Coastal with Red Living. 

Creative Regards,

Tony @ Red Living



TONY IN THE RED LIVING STUDIO: Chalk Paint™ Stencil on Wood April 10 2015 1 Comment

Small Hall Table Makeover

Not allot of time around here to experiment but I have been wanting to add pattern to my projects by doing a stencil finish on wood. 

This small table was the perfect size afternoon make-over. And as always, I've already got started and, squeezed in this before shot: 

Here is Royal Design Studio's Stencil pattern Small Scrollallover (available in store at Red Living) - just seemed to be the right style for this table - I am picturing an urban modern country home.

And on the unfinished wood - Annie Sloan's Graphite Chalk Paint™ applied with a stencil brush. I love these stencils cause you measure once and let the cut out patterns on the edge guild you to match up the pattern - so easy.

After the paint is dry I used a fine sandpaper to "soften" the edges of the pattern and create more of a rustic look.

On the top, Annie Sloan's Soft Clear Wax and then Soft Dark Wax around the edges, adding bit more age and depth.

I added this Handle from our Red Living Hardware Collection to the front for interest - Even though there is no drawer this really elevated this table.

The base is Painted in Old White with a good amount of distressing to revile some wood under. Then a full coat of Soft Clear Wax  then Soft Dark Wax in the joins, creases and grooves. 

Simple - Project time 2 Hours. (excluding photo's and blogging .. add 5 minutes and get a berfore shot!) 

Grateful for the creative time and thanks for letting me share it with you .. 

Creative and Vintage Regards Tony @ Red Living



Welcome to Red Living's NEW Online Shop! March 13 2015